How to prevent loss in option trading || call put option tips

Indian share market looked lot of fluctuation every day,As we see in option trading every one want to become in profit, but some of general mistake provide you loss in option trading, here we provide some advice to prevent loss and look how to get profit in option trading.
Some proper planning make you perfect investor in option trading in Indian share market nifty.
Some simple rules for trading and investing :
1 always do trading in large volume of stock:
Choose one of best stock or share to trade or invest that’s have large volume, that help to get profit by volume trader, these share and stock make good movement for investing in option segment.
2 call option trading: call option take when stock looked positive, that tactics provide you profit,
3. put option trading: put option take when stock looked negative then always take put option,
4 always remember do not trade in high index or low index of stock, because option value are very flexible so try to invest when stock looked positive and good volume particular strike price.
5. do not trade opposite index, means if buyer quantity is large and looked positive then always take position in call option, other wise in put option.
6. proper stop loss and target should include in every trading , that help to prevent loss and return profit .
7. fundamental knowledge as well as technical chart help to know particular stock or share how’s many increase or decrease in single day so always watch or analyses before investing money in option.
8. in option trading do not hold position maximum 2 day’s. in loss or profit position try to exit intraday only.