Vision India to become Exporter Country

68 th anniversary of Independence of the prime minister Narendra Modi’s speech at the Red Fort is quite a compliment.

flagof India

According to market economy, the Prime Minister has indicated to organize and develop. In his speech in some way increase the burden on the economy, not to mention such things.

Vision India How to develop:

according to well planned Each sector of deistic level, made Rail connectivity, production plant and Infra project, should be increase connectivity.

Indicate India is Agriculture Country so well planned to utilise for unuseful land for activities.

Skilled youth do well and increase all production all sector.

Now most requirement for power and Energy to our country, that should be full fill by solar plant like road light, home and government offices.

Identify Trade barrier :

Trade barrier is most factor should be made single window clearance and decided on person authenticate for all decision.