Dr Reddy’s Lab: Profit increased 7.8% and Income increased 11.2%.

call put updatesIn fiscal year 2015 fourth quarter Dr Rrddy’s Lab profit increased to 7.8% to Rs 519 crore , in 2014 quarter the profit was Rs 481.60 crore.

Dr Reddy’s lab income increased 11.2% reached to Rs 3870 crore in 2014 the income was Rs 3481 crore.

On YOY basis, in January-March quarter Company’s operating profit increased from Rs 585.60 crore to Rs 612 crore and operating margin decreased from 16.8% to 15.8%.

On YOY basis the tax expenses of Dr Reddy’s Lab decreased from Rs 125.8 crore to Rs 74.2 crore.

Company Board announce dividend of Rs 20 per share.