Sun Pharma Option Tips

sunpharma option tipsCall Put Tips Expert Mr. Devendra Tripathi will advice to buy Sun pharma, there will not much downside risk in this stock.
Intraday Trading strategy for Sun pharma Advance Research
Sell at 410.55 target 404.78, 403.24, 398.63 stop loss 417.06.
Sun pharma is trading at 852.10, opened at 855.00, Buying can be risky at current level wait for price to go below 849, as soon as price go below 849 go short, target 836.98, 841.19 and 842.60 stop loss 851.71.
Sun pharma August future derivative is trading at 852.90. Option Call strike price 840 is trading higher with gain 8.57% at 32.30, Open interest is negative, Buy at 32.15 target 32.31, 32.47 and 32.63 stop loss 31.86.