How to trade in NSE Option ?

Nifty-TipsFuture and Options trading started in Indian stock market from 1996. In this segment, traders can earn more money in less costing but only if you have proper knowledge otherwise it is very risky.
Firstly let us see where we can get details of future and options.
>> Open National stock exchange website
>> Click on live market.
>> Click on equity derivatives.
>> You will see all contract details.

Most of the traders are trading in Nifty and Bank Nifty. The reason behind this is it provide diversification. Here it means if you are trading in the stock market you have to choose a right sector. Generally, no one predicts perfectly that which sector will be bullish or bearish. if you choose the wrong sector for investment it will give you loss in this case you can select Nifty (or any Index derivative) because it is a combination of all sectors. Suppose Nifty has 10 sectors and out of them 6 shows growth and 4 are down and still the index is growing so you can easily get that growth safely.
For example, currently, the value of Nifty future contract is 8640 and the market lot size is 75 the total value of the contract is 648000 (8640*75). If you want to buy Nifty future you need to pay 20-25% of total value as margin money. Now if Nifty gains 100 points that day then you will earn a profit of Rs 7500 (75*100). One more benefit of Nifty future trading is you have to pay brokerage of Intraday for the complete month. Suppose in case the value of Nifty declines 100 points that day so we have to face a loss of Rs 7500.
Most of the time traders are in dilemma that In which direction market will move in this situation, we have to choose Option it limits your risk, for bullish sentiments, you can go for the call option (It will give the right to buy underlying at specified price for specific period of time) and for bearish sentiments you can choose put option (It will give the right to sell underlying at specified price for specific period of time). There are more than 300 scripts in call and put option at NSE. Always invest in contracts have regular volume.