strike price

Option Terminology

Index Options: The underlying are Index such as Nifty, Bank Nifty, CNX IT etc. Stock Options: A stock option contract gives the holder the right to buy or sell the underlying shares at specified price. The buyer of an Option is the one who buys the right but not the obligation to exercise his option on the seller/writer after paying Option premium. Writer / seller of a call/put option is the one who receives the option premium and is thereby obliged to sell/buy the asset if the buyer exercise on him. Call Option gives the holder the right but not the obligation to buy an asset by a certain...
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How to trade in Stock Option market?

For many investors, Trading in options is looked like new fields or you can say it's a whole new language because of terms used in this trading like Call, Put, Strike Price. Sometimes options are looking aggressive, volatile and speculative. Certainly options are looking fast moving and fast money trade. Options trading have made fortunes and destroyed them. It is sharp tools and you have to know how to utilize them. In option market, you can participate in stock price movement without actually in stock's price movement without holding the shares. In Stock Options trading, traders have right...
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Buy Nifty Option Call strike 8500,

Nifty open slight negative due to global weakness, due to Greece problem. Global market has fear of exit Greece from Eurozone. Nifty future opened at 8319.00 touched high of 8353.70 and low of  8293.05, now trading at 8327.55. Nifty future is likely to take support near 8295-8235, if trade below 8324.76, above it we can seen  Resistance  between 8356-8417. The highest call base is at 8500 strike price with 418431.53(lacs) traded value,  while highest put base is at  8200 strike price with 300688.45(lacs) traded value. Today Option call Nifty Option call strike price 8500 Expiry 31 July 201...
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